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Road projects under PPP rise to 1 lakh crore

It is estimated that the national exchequer loses over Rs 20,000 crore every year due to sub-standard and inadequate roads.

Kamal Nath, the road transport and highways minister, has repeatedly promised to achieve his target of building a road network of 20 km per day, 7,000 km each year and 35,000 km in the next five years.

Achievement of this target by the government alone is not possible and attracting private sector participation was inevitable. The government set a target of private sector investment in road development to the tune of 36% in the 11th five-year plan compared to 5% in the 10th plan. 

According to an article by projects monitor, road sector projects dominate the public-private partnership mode in infrastructure projects in India. Road projects worth Rs 1,01,171 crore were awarded under the PPP mode, which is 45.1% of total infra projects under PPP.

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