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Palolem Beach in South Goa.. The place to be!!

This is the first post wherein I am sharing my travel experiences. I am fond of traveling (specially short trips around Mumbai) and love sharing my experiences about places to eat, stay and visit. Since I usually do not have huge travel budgets, I tend to locate low-cost, very hygienic places to stay, everywhere I go.

While I will keep posting my past travel experiences, one place I always mention to people is the Palolem Beach in South Goa.

Besides the wonderful company of friends that I had, the beach stole my heart… It is one of the most scenic beaches around which is still not as commercial as the North Goa beaches. The beach is surrounded by small hills and rocky crags. And you can sit for hours at a stretch at a number of shacks that serve amazing food and drinks.

While Goa is at its best during Oct-Feb, for people who are looking to just relax and/or at a cheaper price than during the peak season, must visit the place in early June. While the beach huts on Palolem are dismantled during monsoons, there few bungalows available on rent and there is hotel bang on the beach.

If u’re going post monsoons then Cafe Del Mar is the place to be. Priced in the range of Rs 900–1,800 (depending on the season) the place is really worth digging yourself in its pure sand.

 Link: Cafe Del Mar

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