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Better fuel access to power projects… provided…

Delays in acquiring land has been one of the main roadblocks for Indian infrastructure development. Hence, while fuel was allocated to power projects in advance, delay in land acquisition led to lower use of allocated resources.

Fuel for future thermal power projects — both coal and gas — will be allocated under a new score-card system.According to the new proposed system, use of higher-efficiency units and progress on land acquisition have the highest weightage. Projects with higher scores will get precedence in fuel allocation from domestic sources under the proposed system. The scoring system for thermal power plants will be as under:

Based on progress of land acquisition, coal-fired projects can get up to 50 points out of a cumulative 100 points.

Those proposing installation of units with the more efficient supercritical technology qualify for another 20 points, while projects using seawater instead of freshwater will get 10 additional points.

Projects coming at pit-head or in states where no major power projects have been planned in the Eleventh or the Twelfth Plans, will be granted another 20 points.

The Central Electricity Authority has also released its latest report, “Review Of Land Requirement For Thermal Power Stations”. It recommends reduction in land requirement for development of each category of thermal power station. Click to read the report.

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