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Commonwealth Games impact on Tourism

October 2010 was expected to be a cheerful one for the tourism industry as Commonwealth Games (CWG) 2010 was scheduled for the month. According to a tourism ministry statement in September, “about four lakh foreign tourists are expected to visit Delhi during the 12-day Commonwealth Games.” However, only 75,606 foreign tourists arrived in New Delhi during the CWG fortnight October 1-14, according to immigration authorities at the Delhi airport.

The tourism ministry said the number of foreign tourist arrivals (FTAs) to New Delhi had increased by over 5% during the Games. However, this 5% figure is lower than the national average increase in FTAs of 9.2% in October.

FTAs in India during October 2010 grew by 9.2% to 4.87 lakh as compared to the year-ago month.

Foreign exchange earnings (FEE) from tourism rose by 8.6% to Rs 5,219 crore in October 2010 compared to the corresponding year-ago month. FEE in dollar terms was $1,175 million during October 2010 as compared to FEE of $1,028 million a year-ago. A 4.9% appreciation in the rupee vis-à-vis the dollar led to slower growth in earnings in rupee terms.

Earnings as well FTAs are expected to rise on a month-on-month basis during the second half of the financial year with the ongoing peak tourist season.

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