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India’s share in atomic energy production

The current share of nuclear energy in the total generation in the country is about 2.4%. This is very low compared to the share in other nations.

Country Share of nuclear energy in total electricity generation %
USA 20
France 76
Japan 25
Russian Federation 17
Germany 28
Republic of Korea 36
UK 13
China 2

Source: IAEA

The present installed nuclear power capacity of 4,340 MW is expected to reach 7,280 MW by March 2012 with the progressive completion of projects under construction. Project for 2,800 MW capacity addition by 2016-2017 have been approved in the year 2009. The capacity utilisation of the existing plants is also expected to be higher through augmentation of domestic uranium supplies and use of imported uranium.

There are 19 nuclear power reactors (4560 MW) in operation. 7 reactors (1400 MW) use imported fuel and work at full power, 9 reactors (2630 MW) use domestic uranium. Nuclear power reactors are capital-intensive and the efforts to optimize cost of generation are directed at optimization of design, longer life, reduction of gestation period, adopting business models & financing strategies to minimize costs, and to operate at high-capacity factors.

The 2009-10 average nuclear tariff of about Rs.2.30/KWh is quite comparable to thermal power. Nuclear Power is competitive with coal thermal power at locations away from coal mines. Most of hydel power comes from multipurpose dams (costs are shared amongst flood control, irrigation and power); is seasonal, location-specific and not compared for base load needs.

Source: PIB

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