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Talent Edge 2020: Blueprints for the new normal

Right talent has to be made available at the right place and right time. This itself is a major task for companies across the globe, given the volatility/turbulence across various economies at different times.

Talent Edge 2020 is a new global survey series released by Deloitte. It explores the changing talent priorities and strategies of global and large national companies across the Americas, Asia-Pacific, and Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. This edition features results from an October 2010 survey that polled 334 senior business leaders and human resource executives.

Highlights of key findings of this survey include:

  • The talent paradox is already creating key shortages: High unemployment rates in the U.S. and abroad have not created the talent surplus many would have predicted. On the contrary, many executives predict talent shortages across key business units, such as research and development (R&D) and executive leadership—which are needed to drive innovation and growth.
  • Companies are increasingly challenged to develop the next generation of leaders
  • The race for talent is global: Once-emerging markets of the pre-recession days have become the catalyst for future growth, placing tremendous demands on talent managers to get the new people in new jobs at new locations.
  • “World Class” talent leaders are pursuing a different agenda: Executives who describe their company’s talent programs as “world class” appear to have a different set of priorities and a stronger focus on long-term talent investments.
  • Companies with retention plans in place are moving beyond anxiety and taking action

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