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Dolphins around Mumbai.. you kidding me?!?

Like I my mentioned in my earlier post, I am a travel lover. But work and other responsibilities take a toll on your travel plans. And rising inflation aggravates the problem.

Being a regular traveler, my budgets are usually low. In the month of February this year, we decided to visit a beach–350 kms from Mumbai. My first reaction was beach not again!!

I thought it would have been like our regular weekend getaways like alibaug or so & i wanted to experience something new. Nonetheless, we decided to explore the place. So there we go.. from Mumbai to Karde beach (in Ratnagiri district).

While the drive to the beach is really scenic, it is only the last 3 kms to the beach that is not a paved road. We touch the beach side and see there are a number of guesthouses and hotels bang opposite the beach.

We had booked ourselves in one of those properties which is nearly 20 years old & has a nice guesthouse feel. To my surprise, the service levels at the property were very good. We got nice home-cooked style veg and non-veg food. To top it, you can order your sea-food in the morning and that very day they will get fresh stuff from the market.

Evenings were nice on the clean beach with dirt bikes, paraglyding (rope attached to a moving jeep) and other options for sports.

While we enjoyed the view from the balcony of the rooms, and listened to the gushing of the waves, we booked ourselves for a ride in the sea for the next morning. While the guys claimed that it was a dolphin ride, my logical and analytical mind told me.. dolphins?? and that too around mumbai–one of the large polluters– at just Rs 200… not possible. However, I thought no harm in going for a ride on a misty sunday morning.

There we go at 7 am for our ride in a nice 10 seater boat. The ride was to last for half an hour. We left from the shore and landed up a few kms away in the sea. The diesel engine of the boat was put off and we were told.. now u’ll see dolphins.. Still not believing the guy, I kept gazing into the sea and enjoying the breeze and view. Nearly 20 mins of the ride were over by now. Suddenly all the members on the boat screamed there it is. And to my pleasant surprise, there was a swarm of dolphins, jumping out and in to the water. Trust me, I wanted the remaining 10 mins of the boat ride to never end. My eyes couldnt get enough of the beauty of nature and there I went, back to the shore, back to a concrete jungle. But those 10 mins, were totally worth it!!


  • Place of stay: Sagar Hill Resort
  • Cost per Room: Rs 1,500 per night for a double room
  • Cost of a meal (a-la-carte): Rs 300 for 2 (including good seafood)
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  1. Mayuri Lal
    April 16, 2011 at 5:19 am

    Rili admire your work here. and speecialyy this particular post. Dolphin around Mumbaiiiii..its shoking…..

  2. Santanu
    July 25, 2011 at 11:05 am


    was wondering if
    — Karde Beach is the best place in the Konkan
    — the Sagar Hill resort is the best place to stay in Karde?

    We are vegetarian, but desperately want to see the Dolphins…


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