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Tea Industry: Becoming hotter or cooler??

Globally, tea output has received a setback with production trend reflecting to be lower than target. Tea production in Kenya—one of the largest producers and exporters of tea — recorded a decline in February 2011 due to hot and dry weather conditions in the main Rift Valley producing areas. Similarly, tea output in Tanzania—Africa’s fourth largest producer — is expected to be lower than target after a drought affected yields.In India, tea production has typically been low during the months of December-February as the first flush crop starts arriving at the auctions around March. However, southern parts of India record production due to the retreating monsoons. Data available for February indicates that exports from south India registered a robust 9.4% growth to 5.33 million kg, of the total tea exports of 11.9 million kg.

This year the tea industry is expected to record a decline in production during the current tea year. This is expected to result in a rise in tea prices. Globally too, tea prices are expected to firm up.

India is a big market for developed countries and governments of these countries are trying to minimise imports from developing countries by imposing technical regulations, which are specific to their countries, like carbon footprint labelling and water footprint labelling, which requires mandatory compliance. Hence, there is a need to standardise quality of tea produced and exported from India.

There is also a long-pending need to upgrade the insecticides used in the tea plantations as the pests have become immune to the insecticides used over the years.

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