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Production of Ethanol

August 29, 2011 Leave a comment

The production of ethanol in the country is insufficient to meet the requirement of different sectors.  In India, almost the entire Ethanol is produced from sugarcane molasses.  Hence, ethanol production in India is heavily dependent on production of sugar and sugarcane, which fluctuates due to their cyclic nature.  Read more…

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Changing Indian Lifestyles: Alcoholic Beverage Industry in India poised for growth

The Alcoholic Beverage Industry in India includes mainly 4 types of beverages: Beer, Wine, Rectified Spirit and Country Liquor.

A look at the sales of the companies forming a part of this industry reflected a double-digit growth in the past financial year (FY 2009-10). However, high input costs dented profits of these companies. Read more…

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