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Production of Coal by Coal India

September 2, 2011 Leave a comment

Coal India Limited (CIL)  has produced 431.32 million tonnes of coal in 2010-11 against the revised target of 440.20 million tonnes. 

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Per Capita Power Consumption in India

August 16, 2011 Leave a comment

While the government has managed to record a sharp rise in electricity generation capacity of 40,131 MW during the twelfth plan period (2007-12)– highest in any plan period, India still ranks low in per capita consumption. Read more…

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Tourism in India: June 2011 Update

 Foreign Tourist Arrivals (FTAs) during the period January-June 2011 were 29.19 lakh with a growth of 10.9 %, as compared to the FTAs of 26.32 lakh with a growth of 8.9 % during January-June 2010 over the corresponding period of 2009.

Foreign Exchange Earnings (FEE) from tourism in terms of US$ during January-June 2011 were US$ 7811 million with a growth of 14.2 %, as compared to US$ 6842 million with a growth of 36.6 % during January-June 2010 over the corresponding period of 2009.

FEE from tourism in rupee terms during January-June 2011 were Rs. 35163 crore with a growth of 12.1 %, as compared to the FEE of Rs. 31373 crore with a growth of 27.1 % during January-June 2010 over the corresponding period of 2009.


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Tourism in India in 2010: An Update

Foreign tourist visits to the country registered an impressive growth of 24.2% in the year 2010. Similarly domestic tourist visits also showed a growth of 10.7 % last year.

The number of domestic tourist visits to the States/ UTs during the year 2010 was 740 million as compared to 669 million in 2009 and 563 million in 2008.
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World Oil Demand To Rise, says IEA

International Energy Agency (IEA’s) first forecast on the crude oil demand for next year suggests that global demand for crude is expected to rise by 1.6%, mainly  because of growth in the developing world, particularly Asia. While demand in industrialised countries is forecast to fall 0.3%, this will be counterbalanced by 3.6% growth in other economies. Read more…

Wind Power Market in India

A probable change in the incentives given to the Wind Power Sector in India has created waves across the industry.

Whether this will result in a drop in demand of wind farms and investment in the wind power segment needs to be seen. However, if it does result in drop in demand then it is sure to affect the wind turbine manufacturers in India as well as the global suppliers in India. Indian companies may then look to export wind turbines to the US and Europe where clean energy is expanding its footprint rapidly. Read more…

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New Uranium Reserves in India Estimated at 1.5 lakh tonnes

India’s ambitious plans of increasing nuclear power generation at a rapid pace was earlier constrained due to lack of raw material supplies and high dependence on imports. With the sharp growth estimated in the new uranium reserves found in Andhra Pradesh, the fortunes of the nuclear power sector look bright.

Also, with the government in favour of developing this source of energy (in spite of the catastrophe in Japan), the share of nuclear power generation in India is set to rise. Read more…

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