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Airfares set to rise

March 10, 2011 Leave a comment

The domestic airline industry was barely out of red, and the surge in crude oil prices is dragging it back again.

Aviation turbine fuel (ATF) is the largest cost for any airline company, accounting for nearly 40% of operating expenses. ATF prices were higher by 30% at the end of February 2011 compared to the year-ago level. It is nearly 10% higher than the average price levels in January 2011. Read more…


Understanding the Balance Sheet

A nice explanation on the various components of the balance sheet. Read

Indian Aviation Industry: Reeling Under Losses

February 25, 2011 Leave a comment

Only five airline services companies are listed on the stock exchanges in India and hence only their quarterly financial information is available.

Top three of the five companies in the aviation sector reported a robust sales growth of over 20% each during the December 2010 quarter. Higher passenger volumes coupled with improved realisations enabled the industry post healthy sales growth. Read more…

September 2010 Quarter Financial results

November 24, 2010 Leave a comment

“The deceleration in the country’s industrial production growth is a cause of concern, but whether it actually indicates the slowing of the growth momentum is yet to be ascertained”, said the RBI Deputy Governor, Dr Subir Gokarn.

India’s Index of Industrial Production grew at 4.4 per cent in September 2010. This has led to a number of people speculating whether the slowdown in India’s growth has begun. Read more…

Industry-wise financial performance in 2009-10

Financial performance reported by the top echelons of Corporate India (represented by sample set of BSE 200 companies) was marked by a sharp movement in parameters across quarters. The trend in annual performance was starkly different from the fourth quarter 2010. While sales grew 4.4%, net profit surged 16.5% in 2009-10 over the previous year. Sales growth has been slow during the year as revenues recorded a YoY decline in the June and September 2009 quarters. Pick-up in demand for automobiles and metals and rise in commodity prices led to higher sales. Read more…