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Production of Ethanol

August 29, 2011 Leave a comment

The production of ethanol in the country is insufficient to meet the requirement of different sectors.  In India, almost the entire Ethanol is produced from sugarcane molasses.  Hence, ethanol production in India is heavily dependent on production of sugar and sugarcane, which fluctuates due to their cyclic nature.  Read more…

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Sugar Industry Updates

October 6, 2010 Leave a comment

The sugar industry is going through a downward cycle with a supply glut and a resultant fall in prices and profitability. Following are the developments in the sector which are likely to affect the industry’s performance.

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Decontrol of Sugar Industry Proposed in India

September 9, 2010 2 comments

The Agriculture and Food Minister, Sharad Pawar has proposed decontrolling the sugar industry from October 2010. Reportedly, the minister has made the following recommendations: Read more…

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Changing Indian Lifestyles: Alcoholic Beverage Industry in India poised for growth

The Alcoholic Beverage Industry in India includes mainly 4 types of beverages: Beer, Wine, Rectified Spirit and Country Liquor.

A look at the sales of the companies forming a part of this industry reflected a double-digit growth in the past financial year (FY 2009-10). However, high input costs dented profits of these companies. Read more…

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Sugar Industry in India anxious to be decontrolled

The sugar industry is heading towards a glut in the current year from the deficit it faced in the sugar year October 2008-September 2009. This has made the industry participants anxious. Right from demanding re-imposition of customs duty on imports of sugar to deregulation to considering a new cane pricing formula, they are trying it all.  Read more…

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Political Connections and Sugar Mills in India

We all are aware that sugar is one of the most politically sensitive sectors in India. Found a report by Sandip Sukhtankar on Political Connections and Sugar Mills in India.

The paper gives evidence of electoral cycles in outcomes of sugar mills in Maharashtra, India. Worth a read.

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Industry-wise financial performance in 2009-10

Financial performance reported by the top echelons of Corporate India (represented by sample set of BSE 200 companies) was marked by a sharp movement in parameters across quarters. The trend in annual performance was starkly different from the fourth quarter 2010. While sales grew 4.4%, net profit surged 16.5% in 2009-10 over the previous year. Sales growth has been slow during the year as revenues recorded a YoY decline in the June and September 2009 quarters. Pick-up in demand for automobiles and metals and rise in commodity prices led to higher sales. Read more…