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Dolphins around Mumbai.. you kidding me?!?

April 8, 2011 2 comments

Like I my mentioned in my earlier post, I am a travel lover. But work and other responsibilities take a toll on your travel plans. And rising inflation aggravates the problem.

Being a regular traveler, my budgets are usually low. In the month of February this year, we decided to visit a beach–350 kms from Mumbai. My first reaction was beach not again!!

I thought it would have been like our regular weekend getaways like alibaug or so & i wanted to experience something new. Nonetheless, we decided to explore the place. So there we go.. from Mumbai to Karde beach (in Ratnagiri district). Read more…

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Mumbai Local Tour; with it’s high spritis

October 8, 2010 Leave a comment

Being a Mumbaikar, I was very pleased to read an article on “Mumbai Local tour” being organised by Mumbai Magic – a venture by Deepa Krishnan. What touched me most was the fact that Deepa has roped in teenagers from the Akanksha Foundation, an NGO that is involved in educating and empowering the less privileged children. 

It is a small but wonderful way of helping the children. It is indeed inspirational!!

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Budget Travel? Visit Rural Tourism Network Enterprise’s website

Like I wrote in my earlier post that I am a travel freak, each time I think of a trip, budget is thought that crosses my mind first. While I keep exploring places myself, I read about this brilliant initiative by Nachiket Mor a former banker and a member of the board of the IFMR TRUST IFMR Trust, which has given shape to the RTNE– Rural Tourism Network Enterprise.

RTNE is established with a mission to bridge the supply chain gaps by identifying and investing in financially viable rural tourism business opportunities which positively impact the host communities and provide sustainable solutions to travelers, accommodation providers and travel service providers in technology, marketing and finance. 

With as little as Rs 300 per day, one can enjoy staying in rural India for days and months at length. Will keep updating my experience at places recommended by RTNE.

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Palolem Beach in South Goa.. The place to be!!

This is the first post wherein I am sharing my travel experiences. I am fond of traveling (specially short trips around Mumbai) and love sharing my experiences about places to eat, stay and visit. Since I usually do not have huge travel budgets, I tend to locate low-cost, very hygienic places to stay, everywhere I go.

While I will keep posting my past travel experiences, one place I always mention to people is the Palolem Beach in South Goa. Read more…

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